Do I need to wind up followers on Instagram ( 2020-09-18 )

pexels-photo-10926711-1024x682-1A topic that I am ready to talk for hours with inexperienced entrepreneurs / bloggers and even promoters.

For Ha, everyone says the same thing to me:

1. They won’t subscribe to me if I have 100 subscribers
2. Competitors have many subscribers, but I have few, I will have to wind up to be noticed too
3. I want a lot of likes and comments
4. I’ll wind up 10 thousand subscribers, so look, someone will be interested in my services
5. Many subscribers and many views for instagram = many customers

In all seriousness! In the discussion about cheating, I have to face such objections. And the most interesting thing is that I am not going to dissuade them, but simply lay out all the mechanics according to the facts in order to convey the essence!

Let’s break down the terms first:

The term «promotion» in the Instagram theme came from the mouth of the people, so we will use it. But for me, of course, the term is closer: promotion

Promotion is the promotion of your account

Cheat — artificially attracted subscribers

It is the promotion that kills your account! (In pursuit of you, no one sees, you lose the quality of your audience, and as a result, no one sees you!

Instagram has evolved a long time ago and now gives priority to users with high-quality content and audience. Therefore, it is better to spend 1,000 rubles and attract 100 live subscribers than to wind up 10,000 subscribers (bots) from Turkey! (eg)

The news feed on Instagram in 2016 has become «smart», that is, first of all, it shows your posts to the audience that most often interacts with your account (likes, comments, watches stories and live broadcasts)

And in 2017, the entire Instagram turned into a «smart» tool. That is, your account is shown only to those who, according to Instagram, may be interested in it.

Therefore, consider the options for the development of events:

Option 1. Right. You have attracted 100 live subscribers (from your city, if a local business or audience) who are interested in what you do. Then you publish the photo, as the public is interested in activity, it shows, and then magic happens!

Instagram analyzes your audience and shows your account in recommended similar audiences. That is, the same audience who is interested in this topic (Section Interesting and Other in statistics)

In turn, your turn attracts a audience. Your account is developing correctly and the number of subscribers is growing.

Option 2. Not correct. To your pure audience, which is the most optimal audience, you wind up subscribers, most often these are bots from Turkey (again, for example), then Instagram does not understand what to do and either stop your account altogether, that is, it cuts the audience among the target audience, or starts Recommended to show your account to residents of Turkey who are clearly not targeted followers.